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Patient Participation Group

We run a Patient Participation Group and organise regular meetings between patients, clinicians, practice manager, and practice staff. The group is about sharing ideas to improve our services. If you would like to be involved, please contact our practice manager. If you are interested but do not have time to attend our meetings, you could become part of our Virtual Patient Participation Group via emails. We inform you of new, changing practice or local services, send you satisfaction surveys and ask for your comments. Please give us your email address so we can contact you.

Our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

CLICK HERE to download our PPG leaflet (.docx)

PPG Meeting Minutes



PPG meeting minutes 19th July 2021 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 24th May 2021 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 23rd March 2021 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 18th January 2021 (.docx)


PPG meeting (virtual) minutes 7th September 2020 (.docx)

PPG meeting (virtual) minutes 13th July 2020 (.docx)


PPG meeting minutes 25th November 2019 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 23rd September 2019 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 22nd July 2019 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 21st May 2019 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 26th March 2019 (.docx)

PPG meeting minutes 21st January 2019 (.docx)


PPG meeting minutes 5th November 2018 (.docx,)

PPG meeting minutes 10th September 2018 (.docx, 19KB)

PPG meeting minutes 2 July 2018 (.docx, 20KB)

PPG meeting minutes 23 April 2018 (.docx, 19KB)

PPG meeting minutes 19 February 2018 (.docx, 20KB)


PPG meeting minutes 27 November 2017 (.docx, 19KB)

PPG meeting minutes 25 September 2017 (.doc, 34KB)

PPG meeting minutes 17 July 2017 (.doc, 37KB)

PPG meeting minutes 23 May 2017 (.docx, 18KB)

PPG meeting minutes 20 March 2017 (.doc, 30KB)

PPG meeting minutes 16 January 2017 (.doc, 37KB)


PPG meeting minutes 21 November 2016 (.doc, 27KB)

PPG meeting minutes 19 September 2016 (.doc, 28KB)

PPG meeting minutes 18 July 2016 (.doc, 33KB)

PPG meeting minutes 23 May 2016 (.doc, 34KB)

PPG meeting minutes 7 March 2016 (.doc, 30KB)

PPG meeting minutes 19 January 2016 (.docx, 25KB)


PPG minutes meeting 9th November 2015 (.docx, 23KB)

PPG minutes meeting 14th September 2015 (.doc, 27KB)

PPG minutes meeting 13th July 2015 (.docx, 22KB)

PPG minutes meeting 18th May 2015 (.docx, 14KB)

PPG minutes meeting 2 March 2015 (.doc, 25KB)

PPG minutes meeting 26 January 2015 (.doc, 37KB)


PPG minutes meeting 27 October 2014 (.doc, 39KB)

PPG minutes meeting 1 September 2014 (.doc, 40KB)

PPG minutes meeting 2 June 2014 (.doc, 42KB)

PPG minutes meeting 31 March 2014 (.doc, 39KB)

PPG minutes meeting 27 January 2014 (.doc, 42KB)

Survey Report 2014/15

CLICK HERE to view signed document for our Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15

CLICK HERE to download our Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15 (.docx, 37KB)

CLICK HERE to download our Patient Appointment Survey Report 2014/15 (.docx, 22KB)

Survey Report 2011/2012

CLICK HERE to view GPAQ (General Practice Assessment Questionnaire) Patients Survey Undertaken in 2011/2012 (.docx, 17KB)

Patient Participation Group Newsletters/Letters

CLICK HERE to download Summer 2018 PPG newsletter (PDF, 478KB)

CLICK HERE to download Spring 2018 PPG newsletter (PDF, 203KB)

CLICK HERE to download October 2015 PPG newsletter (.doc, 24KB)

CLICK HERE to download May 2015 PPG letter (.docx, 23KB)

CLICK HERE to download June 2009 PPG newsletter (.doc, 488KB)

CLICK HERE to download the Introductory PPG letter (.doc, 31KB)

Practice Newsletters

CLICK HERE to view our Practice Newsletters


National Association for Patient Participation NAPP:

National Association for Patient Participation NAPP:

Patient UK - Health Information and Advice:

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